Places to eat in Haapsalu and Läänemaa

In the romantic small town of Haapsalu and small villages, hospitable people await you, surprising you with their sincerity and interest in history and culture. The guests who stayed here are remembered again and again with great respect.

AaBlu Resort – accommodation in Veskiviigi harbour

Great flavours and various activities meet at AaBlu Resort! We do this to offer new experiences to harbour visitors and locals alike. Come and visit us – you will enjoy it! The accommodation is located in Veskiviigi harbour by the picturesque Gulf Tagalaht in Haapsalu. We offer accommodation for 16 people; the house has 8 rooms in total. The resort has two twin-rooms with toilet/shower (extra bed is available). Six twin-rooms with a joint bathroom (separate showers for men a women). Breakfast and the use of sauna at additional cost upon reservation.

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Restaurant Aasia Villa

In our restaurant we serve authentic dishes from Asia. Our chefs are united by the love and passion for good food and taste experiences. We get our herbs and spices from India, and our head chef Indla mixes them into wonderful sauces.  For sushi we value pure flavours and fresh ingredients. The most important for us are the taste and aroma. Our menu is on the smaller side – our keyword is “less is more”.  The restaurant seats up to 26 people. During summer, you can enjoy our dishes and cocktails on the biggest terrace in Haapsalu. Of course, your four-legged friends are also welcome!

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Restaurant Tare-Tareke

Tare-Tareke is a small eatery in the port village of Sviby. All dishes of Tare-Tareke are made a la carte and from local raw materials. We grow many of our ingredients ourselves. The menu includes a large selection of grilled fish, organic beef, lamb, grilled chicken fillet and pork. We also welcome vegans and vegetarians.We offer catering for groups. We have developed a buffet menu for groups so that we could ensure smooth and quick service and as much food for everyone as they wish. We cater only on our outdoor terrace.

Sviby küla, Vormsi vald

Restaurant Rado in Haapsalu

Rado is a restaurant with a changing menu where the menu is written daily on the blackboard. The dishes include something for every taste, for example classic tartar, seasonal chanterelle risoto or the restaurant’s hits – e.g. bone marrow.Restaurant Rado is located on the main street of the picturesque Haapsalu. In addition to indoor seating, the restaurant has a cute inner courtyard where you can also enjoy the delicious meals. Restaurant Rado in Haapsalu is the little sister of Rado in Tallinn! A restaurant with the same concept, but in a smaller size. We want to offer the same level of service and food in the most beautiful small town in Estonia.

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Von Gernet Café/Restaurant

Von Gernet Café is inspired by the sea, architecture, and history. We want you to enjoy life and your holiday while enjoying our modest delicacies. When creating the menu, we first dived into the archives to get to know the food preferences of the 19th century tsarist court and the cuisine of that time. Now we can honestly say that we will offer you the best classics and fresh ideas from both French and Slavic cuisine. Naturally, all dishes have taken on a new and modern form. On the menu, you will also find both savoury delicacies and authentic French sweets.

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Österby Harbour Café

Österby Harbour Café is located on the Noarootsi Peninsula, in the small village of Österby in the Lääne-Nigula Parish of Lääne County. The seaside café seats 30 guests and the terrace has an additional 52 seats. At Österby Harbour Café, you can enjoy delicious food and drinks, beautiful sea views, amazing summer sunsets, and good music. We often host various concerts and cultural events. You can also come to Österby Harbour Café in summer by water taxi, which runs between Haapsalu Grand Holm Marina and Österby (call 5308 4816).

Österby küla, Lääne-Nigula vald