Seminar rooms information in Läänemaa

Mihkli Guesthouse seminar room

Mihkli Guesthouse mainly offers accommodation, but a small seminar room for up to 50 people is also available. Basic technology and audio equipment are ready for use.

Altmõisa seminar room

The seminar room for up to 50 people has a data projector, speakers, papers and pens, a whiteboard, and WiFi. The bright seminar room offers a view of Topu Bay and the meadow, and a forest from the second window. Altmõisa is located away from the hustle and bustle of the city, 100 km from Tallinn, and is a pleasant place for trainings and work-related meetings. Catering is provided by Altmõisa’s kitchen, and we also offer nature trips or cocktail trainings. It is possible to book the whole house for your company. We adhere to the necessary safety requirements and disinfectants are available to all guests.

Kongo Hotel seminar room

The Kongo Hotel is located in the Old Town of Haapsalu and is easy to find. Come and organise training courses, seminars, or meetings; we will arrange the room according to your preferences. Everything is readily available for the successful execution of your event. Natural materials have been used in the interior design of the bright Winter Garden seminar room. In addition, the hotel provides accommodation in comfortable rooms, dining in a restaurant, and a sauna with a pool. The seminar room includes: a flipchart, markers, a screen, audio and video equipment upon pre-ordering, free Wi-Fi, and a data projector for an extra fee. Easy access with a wheelchair. Free parking.

Haapsalu Cultural Centre conference halls

The Theatre Hall has 511 seats and is perfect for bigger conferences. There are two wardrobes for the performers. The Balcony Hall (372.6 m²) has a large balcony (131 m²) and a stepped ceiling, making it a beautiful space for different moods and styles. Depending on your needs, a modular stage can be assembled in the hall, and other services on offer include sound equipment, lighting, and catering. The Coaster’s Hall in the basement (150 m2) has no windows and is a long black box type room. The best place for trainings is the Seminar Hall. We have a good selection of presentation equipment and you can also order catering.

Fra Mare Thalasso Spa conference room and panoramic hall

We provide two different sized conference rooms to conduct seminars. The conference room can seat up to 18 people in a round-table style. The panoramic hall can facilitate different styles of room set-ups: U-shape, boardroom, cabaret, theatre or classroom style. In theatre style the panoramic hall can seat up to 70 people. The rooms are equipped with internet, data projector, flip chart, TV, paper and writing instruments. Coffee and snacks can be ordered for breaks and are offered in the restaurant located on the ground floor. For catering you can choose between buffet or group menu.

Roosta Holiday Village Conferences

Roosta Holiday Village’s conference centre has two seminar and conference rooms and one meeting room. All of them have WiFi, and you can make use of flipcharts and whiteboards, a screen and projector and a television. The Ormsö Hall also comes with a microphone and amplifier. You can also request a data projector, computer, interpretation equipment, removable dividing walls and anything else you need. By way of entertainment we can arrange an MC, show programme, excursions and more.