Immerse yourself in the nature of Läänemaa

In the romantic small town of Haapsalu and small villages, hospitable people await you, surprising you with their sincerity and interest in history and culture. The guests who stayed here are remembered again and again with great respect.

Kiideva-Puise hiking trail

The trail is on the north coast of Matsalu Bay and joins the villages of Kiideva and Puise. The main part of the track is a 2.6-kilometre long section which starts near Kiideva and goes through the deciduous woodland and a restored wooded meadow until it reaches Lõpre oak. The circumference of the oak is 4 metres and its height is 20 metres. One may find interesting mushrooms near the oaks or hear the tawny owl and Tristam’s woodpecker. It is 800 metres from the oak to Puise. Good to know: One way is 3.4 kilometres long and you should allow yourself 2 hours. The trail is usually dry. There are camping facilities  and a place for making a fire.

Kiideva küla, Haapsalu

RakserSport bicycle rental in Haapsalu Old Town

RakserSport bicycle rental offers comfortable and high-quality Insera city bikes. The longer you rent, the cheaper the price. The old town of Haapsalu and the surrounding bike paths are a pleasant pastime for visitors as well as locals. We definitely recommend enjoying the sunset by bike from Õhtu-Kalda tänav to Holm shore. The Haapsalu promenade is also bicycle-friendly.

Haapsalu linn, Haapsalu, Karja tänav 20

Guided birdwatching tour in Lääne County

The tour is perfect for those who have a deeper interest in birds. The guide, Tarvo Valker, who is one of the best bird-watchers in Estonia, has been involved in birdwatching for over 25 years. The tour is extremely flexible, taking into account the seasons, different regions, and the client’s wishes. The tour is suitable for those who want to see specific bird species and observe the spectacular migration of birds. Be sure to contact us – we will be happy to put together a tour that meets your wishes! The price includes the guide service, but not transport or catering.  


Peraküla – Aegviidu – Ähijärve hiking trail

The longest hiking trail in Estonia starts at Nõva Nature Centre in Peraküla. The Peraküla – Aegviidu – Ähijärve hiking trail passes through nine counties, a number of protected areas, and exhibits the wonderful landscapes of Estonia with its 820 kilometres. The trail is marked with white and green colours and signposts. The trail map is available here. The trail is divided into sections: – Peraküla – Vihterpalu 27 km – Vihterpalu – Ohtu 46 km – Ohtu – Alavere 87 km – Alavere – Aegviidu 32 km – Aegviidu – Oostriku 107 km – Oostriku – Elistvere 76 km – Elistvere – Kantsi 80 km – Kantsi – Kiidjärve 44 km – Kiidjärve – Piusa 124 km – Piusa – Pähni 100 km – Pähni – Ähijärve 103 km

Peraküla, Lääne-Nigula vald

Uuemõisa Manor Park

Uuemõisa Manor Park is a protected park in Uuemõisa small town in Haapsalu. The park is very large, consists of two areas, is freely designed, and grows into a park forest. In front of the main building, there is a road headed towards the highway, which is surrounded by trees from the one side and with a lawn from the other. The second park area is made up of a dense free-design park, allegedly established on the turn of the 18th century, located next to the supposed old main building. There is also a narrow court reaching up to the pond system. The manor park has been reconstructed on the basis of a map from 1936.

Uuemõisa alevik, Haapsalu, Lossi tänav

One Day Nature Tour “Wild Berries”

Estonians love to pick wild berries, mushrooms and other forest givings so if you really look for essence of summer in Estonia don’t look any further but book this tour and feel yourself what it is to be real Estonian. Tour takes place in North-West Estonia and in your tour you learn everything about eatable and also not eatable wild berries and mushrooms, history about how Estonians have used forest givings through centuries and how forest givings suit for your every day dinner table. Tour also includes short outdoor knowledge course. Tour starts and ends in Tallinn (transport included).

Tuksi küla / Bergsby, Lääne-Nigula vald