Immerse yourself in the nature of Läänemaa

In the romantic small town of Haapsalu and small villages, hospitable people await you, surprising you with their sincerity and interest in history and culture. The guests who stayed here are remembered again and again with great respect.

VisitEstonia has produced a brochure introducing Estonia’s national parks:

Liivanõmme study trail

Liivanõmme trail starts from Nõva Nature Centre, runs along a stone-paved road dating back to World War I, then passes Allikjärve lake and then runs towards west to river Uuejõe. From there go along the beach range back towards Peraküla, over the Vanajõe riverbed and then you reach Lake Toatse and then back to Peraküla. The trail is suitable for those interested in forests, nature and local cultural heritage. Good to know: The trail is dry, very suitable for walking. The length of the trail is 7.5 kilometres and it takes about 4 hours to complete it. You will find places for picnicking near Allikajärve and Uuejõe.

Lake Prästvike hiking trail

Lake Prästvike, located in the central part of Vormsi Island, is a former sea lagoon, which has been taken over by reed to a large extent, but has retained its importance as a spawning and nursery area for fish in the coastal sea. The birdlife of the lake is abundant and diverse – on a quiet spring evening, you can hear the song of the bittern. The largest spring among the numerous springs in the northern part of the lake is the Suurallikas Spring. The 1.7 km hiking trail leads to Lake Prästvike and the observation tower on the north shore. At the edge of the forest, there is the unique Raviallikas Spring. It is surrounded by calcareous spring meadows with different species of Orchidaceae.

A hike on elven trails in the virgin nature of Tõldmäe

A hike on elven trails takes you to the magical Tõldmäe bog island covered in virgin forest and offering breathtaking views on Leidissoo. This is a place where time stands still and the unearthly prevails. The place is rich in trees and rocks in various shapes and sizes. We will talk about nature, local legends, Estonian pre-history, mythology and traditions. If you wish, you can have a smoke sauna after the hike. Leave the civilization behind, become a part of primeval nature and have an adventure in a mystical elven forest! You will always be welcome here! The hike is about 8 km long and lasts for about 5–8 hours; the price includes the fee of a tour guide and transportation from Tallinn.  

Bike rental in the shop Rattad Vabaaeg

You can rent children’s bikes, mountain bikes, city bikes and trekking bikes from the Rattad Vabaaeg shop. Additionally, we also have safety equipment and helmets. The youngest members of the family can also enjoy a bike ride – we have children’s bike seats for them. If your bike breaks down, we can fix it for you! We also offer accommodation in a room and on the camping side and you can come here with a camper van. We rent bikes for groups. With more than 20 years of experience in bike rental, we can find the right rental bike for you.

Paralepa forest tracks

The Paralepa park forest not far from Haapsalu has 3 km and 5 km long tracks. They provide a number of exercise opportunities, from parallel bars and balance beams to chin-ups and obstacle course runs. You can get a map from the reception desk at the nearby Fra Mare Hotel to help you navigate along the tracks. The map marks the running and ski track, which is also marked in situ, and the hotel will also hire out Nordic walking equipment, bicycles and skis.

Pikajala Hill in Palivere

Palivere is famous for its sand dunes and pine forests. Pikajalamägi or Pikajala Hill is the highest point in Lääne County – 51 m – and home to a fortress whose construction began in the early part of the second millennium but was never completed. Around 11,000 years ago the sea lapped the foot of the hill. The old ski jumping tower on the hill is no longer in use, but it offers unbeatable views over the surrounding area. Hiking trails also wind their way over and around the hill. Did you know…? *The spring at the foot of the hill is said to have a restorative effect on the eyes, making them sparkle and leaving you looking forever young! And if you toss a coin in it during spring, they say you will never run out of money…