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Fra Mare Thalasso SPA Healing Yoga House

Fra Mare Thalasso SPA Healing Yoga House consists of a large yoga hall, which can be used to conduct yoga classes, as well as various themed lectures, and workshops. The hall can accommodate up to 25 people, but for a lecture there is seating for up to 50 people. For yoga we offer our own mats, blankets, cushions, and blocks. On a daily basis we offer healing yoga for back care (12 € per person). In addition we offer Kundalin yoga weekend package, and yoga therapy and ayurveda package.Book packages and your own Yoga Retreat at sales@framare.ee Book healing yoga for back care at spa@framare.ee

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Kayaking in Haapsalu

The Gulf Tagalaht and its surroundings in Haapsalu are an ideal place for kayaking. It’s also a great place to see many different bird species. Kayaking in autumn is a spectacle in itself because you can watch the migration of geese and common cranes. On the other hand, kayaking in summer is very pleasant in the sun. Often the water is too shallow even for kayaks, fortunately the route can be changed according to the group and water level. In addition, various sights can be seen, for example Haapsalu Kuursaal, different harbours, Suur Viik Bay, old Kalakombinaat, etc. At the beginning of the kayaking trip, we always talk about water safety and teach basic paddling skills.

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Tuulingu kicksled hikes in Matsalu National Park

A kicksled hike in Matsalu National Park in winter! We organise hikes in suitable weather conditions. The rules of the national park allow kicksledding in a unique area of the reserve until the end of February. From March, the bay belongs only to birds. If ice conditions allow, we will also go on a 6–8 km circle around the Haeska islets.On the sea ice, you can ride on an ice carousel and get acquainted with ice fishing. Fishing is done with real coastal fishing traps. You can also buy fish. At the end of the trip in Tuulingi, we offer soup and talk about the past, present, and future of the place. The price includes the hike and a meal.

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Haapsalu water taxi

You can get on the Haapsalu water taxi to get from Haapsalu Grand Holm Marina to Österby Harbour. A water taxi is a good way to reach the Noarootsi peninsula to explore the coastal areas once inhabited by Swedes. The water taxi has room for ten people and you can also take bicycles with you to make your visit to Noarootsi even more exciting. The water taxi operates from Monday to Thursday by pre-order and from Friday to Sunday by pre-order and based on the schedule that’s published on Facebook. It takes 45 minutes to get from Haapsalu to Österby Harbour by car, but the water taxi will get you there in about 10 minutes.

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Haapsalu Adventure Park

Haapsalu Adventure Park is located in the beautiful Paralepa Park Forest (2 km from the city centre). The adventure park has four different adventure trails with versatile games and almost 50 attractions (Tarzan jump, zip-line). There is a children’s park where the trails are low and safe. Adults can find themselves descending and climbing from a height of 14 metres. All trails end with a zip-line descent. We offer adventure opportunities all year round, depending on the weather conditions. We offer joy and adventures for young and old. Bring your family, friends, or classmates! Adventures are in the air!

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Accessible activity park of Haapsalu Neurological Rehabilitation Centre

The activity park of Haapsalu Neurological Rehabilitation Centre on the Haapsalu promenade is intended for wheelchair users. This is an important additional option for people who need a wheelchair to move due to an accident or illness. The park’s attractions help both young and older wheelchair users to enjoy the fresh air and exercise. The park offers new opportunities for more versatile and interesting trainings for people in rehabilitation. In the park, you can swing, play basketball, and do moderate strength training for your hands or feet.

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