A relaxing holiday

In the romantic small town of Haapsalu and small villages, hospitable people await you, surprising you with their sincerity and interest in history and culture. The guests who stayed here are remembered again and again with great respect.

Hot tub rental in Haapsalu and Lääne County

Hot tub rental in Haapsalu and Lääne County. Our hot tub can comfortably accommodate eight adults, and when you get too hot, you can cool off in the seats in the back. The hot tub has LED underwater lighting and outdoor lighting, and you can enjoy your favourite music through the built-in bluetooth and speaker system. If you do not have the opportunity to transport the hot tub yourself, we can bring the it to where you need it for an additional fee.Rent and enjoy – a lovely experiment in any weather!

Hestia Hotel Haapsalu Spa

Well-being and balance on the seafront! Surrounded on three sides by the sea, Hestia Hotel Haapsalu Spa offers beautiful views and is a great place to relax. In addition to relaxing water and sauna pleasures, it offers an enjoyable food experience and a fun opportunity to get together. There is nothing more refreshing than taking moments for yourself. We offer therapeutic treatments to prevent and alleviate health problems as well as wellness treatments that help get rid of daily stress and tension.

Hestia Hotel Haapsalu Wellness Spa

We love Estonia!We offer therapeutic treatments to prevent health problems as well as wellness treatments that help get rid of daily stress, tension, and fatigue. The list of services we offer includes a considerable number of treatments with local mud. You can start with a massage with Haapsalu medicinal mud and finish with a mud mask on the scalp. In addition to treatments, we offer both clay drinks and algae tea which help heal the body internally and allow you to regain that healthy blush. We developed natural facial treatments for different skin types and skin needs with the leading Estonian skincare brand D’DIFFERENCE.

Fra Mare Thalasso Day Spa sauna and pool complex

The sauna complex includes a heated outdoor SPA pool, a sea water pool and a massage pool, as well as a lounge with glass walls; a Finnish sauna, an aroma sauna, a salt sauna, an infrared sauna and a sanarium help to pamper and refresh you. We recommend you take along a bathing costume, a towel, a bathrobe and rubber beach footwear to feel comfortable. You can also relax in the private Meresaun lounge. Good to know: The price includes a 3-hour visit.

Water and sauna spa of Hestia Hotel Haapsalu Spa

Well-being and balance on the seashore ♥ The water and sauna spa of Hestia Hotel Haapsalu Spa offers many different opportunities for relaxing. You can enjoy the water in the wave pool, the relaxing hot bath, the bubbling hot tub, and the flowing pool for relaxing. We have six saunas, so everyone will find their favourite – some of them are steamy and damp, some are hot and sensual, and some include an experience with salt and mud. The café serves refreshing drinks, smoothies, salads, light snacks, and, of course, everyone’s favourite – ice cream!

Trailer sauna and hot tub rental in Lääne County

An unforgettable sauna experience at a location of your choice! Make a pleasant surprise for your family or friends. A sauna and hot tub are perfect for a special event. The sauna and hot tub can both accommodate up to six people, and they can be enjoyed at any time of the year and are suitable for people of all ages. The sauna with the hot tub is especially lovely in winter, when the air is cool and it is snowing. The sauna has a glass door and windows, so you could enjoy the surrounding view. The sauna is heated by a wood-burning stove. NB! There are no washing facilities in the sauna. The saunas are built on a trailer. Prices from 50 €/day.