Things are happening in Läänemaa

In the romantic small town of Haapsalu and small villages, hospitable people await you, surprising you with their sincerity and interest in history and culture. The guests who stayed here are remembered again and again with great respect.

Tasting at Tänava Farm

Tänava Farm, with its stone buildings and old apple orchard, is located on the edge of Matsalu National Park. A young family lives on the farm, keeping a variety of animals and birds – the farm’s pastures are home to Scottish mountain cattle, sheep, and goats. The farm’s apple orchard and berry-field, with its surrounding meadows and lawns, provides raw materials for many different syrups and preserves, as well as drinks. When visiting Tänava Farm, you can get acquainted with the activities and works of the farm, see different animals and birds, and taste the best the farm has to offer. It is possible to have lunch or dinner on the farm upon reservation.

Haeska küla, Haapsalu

Trips by minitrain ‘Peetrike’

A memorable and fun train ride allows you to see more of the picturesque and romantic seaside town than you would on foot. The train has a tour guide who points out the attractions on the way. You will see Kuursaal, lovely seaside streets with wooden lace houses, and cafés on the main street decorated with flowers. The excursion lasts 45 minutes. Departure/arrival in the summer season: Haapsalu Railway Station The schedule is available here.

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Discovering Rannarootsi on your own

Coastal Swedes have lived on the coast and islands of Northwest Estonia for more than 1,000 years. Start from Aibolands Museum in Haapsalu, which gives you an overview of the history, then go to Lyckholm Museum and St Catherine’s Church in Pürksi. Then, head to Rooslepa and Nõva from Österby port. Swedish village names and red houses are characteristic of the whole region. If you have time, also visit Vormsi and Osmussaare, the first settlement area for coastal Swedes. Order a trip to Osmussaare here. Vormsi was inhabited by indigenous coastal Swedes until 1938. See the ferry schedule to Vormsi here. However, the most convenient way to discover the island is by bike.  

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Tour from Haapsalu to Marimetsa

This tour and Marimetsa bog will lead you on the paths of ancient nature. When coming from Haapsalu, you will also pass Ants Laikmaa Museum and Pikajala Hill in Palivere, the highest point in Lääne County, which offers a wonderful nature view. From Risti, you can go on the Marimetsa Bog Hiking Trail. The trail is wet in some places, which is why you should definitely wear your rubber boots. The trail cannot be passed by bicycle. The oldest building in Kullamaa is a church from the 13th century and the Koluvere castle / water castle. Today, the castle is privately owned and you can eat at the restaurant in the summer. On the way back, be sure to visit the ruins of Ungru Castle and Kiltsi airfield by Rohuküla Road.

Haapsalu linn, Haapsalu, Karja tänav

Läänemaa tour for families with children

Läänemaa and Haapsalu are quiet and peaceful, making it popular among families with children. Every member of the family can have fun in the playgrounds and drawing or crafting in Ilon’s Wonderland. The castle and the medieval playground in the moat are also exciting for the whole family to discover. During the hot summer days, families can spend their holiday on Paralepa beach, where you can snorkel in the shallow and warm seawater or rent a boat.

Elbiku küla / Ölbäck, Lääne-Nigula vald

Bicycle Route Rohuküla-Haapsalu-Linnamäe-Sutlepa-Riguldi-Spithami-Nõva

Marsruut algab Haapsalu Raudteejaamast ja kulgeb edasi mööda Uuemõisa  kergliiklusteed kuni Rannakülani ning sealt edasi juba Linnamäelt Noarootsi poole.  Noarootsi ja Nõva on kuulsad oma männimetsade ja laulvate liivadega randade poolest. Väikestel kaluriküladel on nii eestipärased nimed kui ka rootsikeelsed rööpnimed. Perakülas, liivase ranna ning marja- ja seenemetsade vahetus läheduses asuvast RMK Nõva Looduskeskusest saad teavet ümbruskonna vaatamisväärsuste kohta. Sealt saab alguse ka 192 km pikkune matkatee haru, mis viib Perakülast Aegviiduni.

Haapsalu linn, Haapsalu, Raudtee tänav 2