Läänemaa is an active holidaymaker's paradise

Läänemaa’s rich cultural landscape, with its traditions and customs, offers exciting opportunities for quality time.

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It’s a place where the entrepreneurial people of Haapsalu and Läänemaa bring together their bright ideas, their passion for all things Western and your desires.
Exciting workshops, unique experiences and activities suitable for groups of friends, families, team events and conferences – we have it all.

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Ski trails at the Palivere Tourism and Recreational Sports Centre

In Palivere, which is located 20 km from Haapsalu, there are lovely ski trails of different lengths and degrees of difficulty. You will also find sled and snowboarding hills. The trails are perfect for cross-country or classic techniques. The 1.5 km ski trail is illuminated until 9 p.m. during the winter. Ski rental is open on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. On weekdays, ski rental is open to schools and sports clubs in Lääne County with pre-registration by calling +372 5341 3156. There is a car park at the beginning of the trail.

Allikmaa küla, Lääne-Nigula vald, Mäepealse tee

Sports games at UusKalda Sports and Holiday Village

Some people think that sports is only professional sports; others are active in order to feel good and have fun. We offer options for people with various levels of fitness, to children, as well as adults. No one will mind if you will not do as well as you hoped because the joy of being outdoors outweighs all failures. None of our athletic games require previous experience and knowledge. After simple instructions, you will already know all the basics, and then, everything is in your hands. Disc golf, footgolf, indiaca, beach volleyball and slackline are only some sports games that we offer.

Kärbla küla, Lääne-Nigula vald, Kalda

Pleasure trips in Haapsalu on board sailboat Meeri

Sailboat Meeri can take up to eight passangers on board.  You can choose the length of the trip; usually, a trip lasts two to three hours, and this includes a swim. When there is more time, we can sail to Vormsi or Rohuküla for ice cream or go for a spin around Hobulaid Island. Ask for more information about our ‘Sail to Vormsi Island’ packages! In order to visit more distant places, such as Heltermaa, Kärdla, Roograhu, Dirhami, Virtsu, Kuivastu, Sõru, or Orjaku harbours, you should set aside an entire day. You can also go on a one-way trip. You can bring your own food and drink, tableware is available on the yacht.

Haapsalu linn, Haapsalu, Westmeri tänav 1

Haapsalu Väike Viik skating rink

If it is cold enough, children and adults alike can have a fun day on the Haapsalu Väike Viik skating rink. Older skating enthusiasts can participate in skating marathons and other competitions on ice. Bring your friends and spend the day skating or playing hockey. The beautiful surrounding bay and picturesque sunset offer a fairytale-like experience. You can also skate and ski on the Haapsalu front and back bay. Be sure to check the weather conditions beforehand.

Haapsalu linn, Haapsalu, Sadama tänav

Kayaking on Haapsalu Bay

Nice kayaking trips on Haapsalu Bay welcome you to an experience. We set out from Holmi beach in Haapsalu and make a trip around the waters of the bay. We visit yacht harbours and paddle between islets. It is a great way to see almost all of Haapsalu. The kayak trip includes a place in the boat, equipment, guide service and instructions. Group price (6 persons) €150, from the seventh person €30 per person. The trips are most suitable for adults and children from the age of 14.

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Peraküla beach

This beautiful countryside, largely untouched by civilization and surrounded by sparse settlement, is alluring to nature enthusiasts, who are able to visit the nearby forest to forage blueberries, cowberries and mushrooms. The Nõva coastal area is also enchanting to those interested in enjoying a beach setting and getting a little surfing in. The sandy beach of Peraküla offers close to a dozen kilometres of pure singing sand. Did you know…?: There are no lifeguards at this beach, and RMK Peraküla has a camping area with campfire sites and outhouses, as well as having a 200 capacity car park at Peraküla beach.

Peraküla, Lääne-Nigula vald