Läänemaa is an active holidaymaker's paradise

Läänemaa’s rich cultural landscape, with its traditions and customs, offers exciting opportunities for quality time.

Want to try something new or do something different?
To make your holiday or business seminar like a little adventure of your own choice
and local specificities?

It’s a place where the entrepreneurial people of Haapsalu and Läänemaa bring together their bright ideas, their passion for all things Western and your desires.
Exciting workshops, unique experiences and activities suitable for groups of friends, families, team events and conferences – we have it all.

Find the right one for you.

Paralepa outdoor gym

The Paralepa outdoor gym in Haapsalu has seven different benches where you can do different types of muscle training and stretching exercises. The benches have manuals. The Paralepa outdoor gym is located near Fra Mare Thalasso Spa, next to the Paralepa Health Trail car park under a pine forest. The gym is also the starting point for the Paralepa Health Trails.

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Haapsalu Winter Swimming Centre

The Haapsalu Winter Swimming Centre offers you: – a heated house with separate changing rooms for women and men; – a swim platform with ladders; – recreation area with a campfire site; – changing rooms outside.Book a time by calling 535 44314 or contact us on Facebook (Haapsalu Talisupluskeskus). A one-time visit costs 1 euro. The season ticket, which is valid from 1 July to 30 June costs 30 euros and with it, you can swim here for an unlimited number of times at your convenience. Bring swimwear, a hat, slippers, and a towel. Winter swimming invigorates both your body and mind!

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Palivere hiking trails

There are ski and hiking trails of different lengths and degrees of difficulty in Palivere. In winter, children can enjoy sledding on Palivere slopes. The trails – which are 1, 2, 3, 6 and 7,3 km in length – can be used at different times of year for skiing, running, cycling, Nordic walking, and simply hiking depending on the preferences of the visitor; the area is also perfect for GPS games and orienteering. There is also a 1.5-kilometre-long lit trail.  There is a car park for 100 cars, a warm outdoor toilet, and campfire sites at the start of the trail. You can also play disc golf (18 holes). There is an old ski-jumping tower close to the hiking trails

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Innovation Centre INNOKAS. Robotics and Virtual Reality

The innovation centre INNOKAS in Haapsalu welcomes families, toddlers, youthful grandparents, and kindergarten and school groups. INNOKAS promotes inventing and exploring – guests can discover the laws of nature on their own. Our team works hard to make sure that all guests can create something and discover the laws of the world through invention. Besides robotics, we have virtual reality and 3D printing. You can also celebrate birthdays and organise corporate events here.

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Orienteering Trail and Mobile Orienteering in Palivere

There is an orienteering trail and 20 mobile orienteering check points within 3 kilometres of the Palivere Tourist and Sports Centre. Orienteering is suitable for everyone who likes to navigate in the wild with a map and test their skills. A rocky landscape and dense trails make navigating with a compass and map exciting. Do you go straight or around? Do you go by bike or on foot? Do you go alone or with friends? The price includes a map, a compass, and instructions. Read more about mobile orienteering here.  

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Palivere discgolf park

The discgolf park, renovated in 2021 on Pikajala Hill in Palivere, has 30 courses of different lengths. In addition to different lengths, the courses are also divided based on their difficulty levels: * Yellow course – a simple 9-basket course, suitable for beginners. * Blue course – 18-basket course, suitable for enthusiasts. * Red course –18-basket course, suitable for advanced players. There is a paid disc rental in the centre. It is also possible to order paid training and organise competitions for your friends in the park. Equipment rental and training take place upon reservation.

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