Immerse yourself in the nature of Läänemaa

In the romantic small town of Haapsalu and small villages, hospitable people await you, surprising you with their sincerity and interest in history and culture. The guests who stayed here are remembered again and again with great respect.

VisitEstonia has produced a brochure introducing Estonia’s national parks:

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Huitbergi hiking trail and limestone hill

One of the most fascinating places on Vormsi is the Huitbergi limestone hill in a spruce forest in the middle of the island. The hill is over 400 million years old and a coral reef polished by ice. The limestone outcrop is covered with moss, but fossils can be seen in places where there is no moss. Protected ferns have found their place there. The circular trail is marked with wooden signs.

Läänemaa Health Path

Läänemaa Health Path is an almost 60-kilometres-long path for pedestrians and cyclists along the embankment of the Riisipere-Haapsalu-Rohuküla line. The road has been marked with kilometre posts and with pickets every 100 metres. When at the section between Haapsalu-Rohuküla you should visit the remains of Ungru Castle not far from the path. You can also see the old airfield in Kiltsi. When at the section between Haapsalu-Risti near Taebla, go visit the Laikmaa Museum and Koela Museum and Lääne-Nigula church. When near Risti, go and take a look of Marimetsa bog. Good to know: The path is covered with a strong surface. Driving on the road is safe and you will be undisturbed by traffic.

Uuemõisa Manor Park

Uuemõisa Manor Park is a protected park in Uuemõisa small town in Haapsalu. The park is very large, consists of two areas, is freely designed, and grows into a park forest. In front of the main building, there is a road headed towards the highway, which is surrounded by trees from the one side and with a lawn from the other. The second park area is made up of a dense free-design park, allegedly established on the turn of the 18th century, located next to the supposed old main building. There is also a narrow court reaching up to the pond system. The manor park has been reconstructed on the basis of a map from 1936.

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