Immerse yourself in the nature of Läänemaa

In the romantic small town of Haapsalu and small villages, hospitable people await you, surprising you with their sincerity and interest in history and culture. The guests who stayed here are remembered again and again with great respect.

VisitEstonia has produced a brochure introducing Estonia’s national parks:

Paralepa forest tracks

The Paralepa park forest not far from Haapsalu has 3 km and 5 km long tracks. They provide a number of exercise opportunities, from parallel bars and balance beams to chin-ups and obstacle course runs. You can get a map from the reception desk at the nearby Fra Mare Hotel to help you navigate along the tracks. The map marks the running and ski track, which is also marked in situ, and the hotel will also hire out Nordic walking equipment, bicycles and skis.

Allika hiking trail on Vormsi

A 2 km hiking trail is situated in the relatively moist and waterlogged area on the Vormsi landscape protection area. The most notable sites on the trail include the Suur Allikas (Big Spring) and Raviallikas (Curing Spring) and an enjoyable view to Lake Prästviigi. You will find signs and information boards throughout the trail. The trail is partly a dirt road; moist areas have boardwalks and bridges. In the wet seasons, the trail is muddy and difficult to pass. Rubber boots are the most suitable footware for passing the trail. The trail has a timber watchtower that is 2.5 m high.

Bicycle Tours on the Island of Vormsi

You can discover the island of Vormsi with a knowledgeable guide. The bicycle tour routes for nature lovers and culture enthusiasts vary in length, and two-day trips can be organised. The tours start and end at Sviby Harbour. Sviby- Hullo- Håkabaka- Suuremõisa- Sviby 14 km. Duration: 5 hours, emphasis on culture. Sviby- Rumpo- Rumpo säär- Hullo- Sviby 16 km. Duration: 5 hours, for nature enthusiasts. 
Sviby- Rumpo- Hullo- Håkabaka- Suuremõisa- Huitberg- Borrby- Hullo-Sviby 23 km. Duration 6-7 hours, for nature and culture enthusiasts.  The price of the tour depends on the size of the group.

Bike rental in the shop Rattad Vabaaeg

You can rent children’s bikes, mountain bikes, city bikes and trekking bikes from the Rattad Vabaaeg shop. Additionally, we also have safety equipment and helmets. The youngest members of the family can also enjoy a bike ride – we have children’s bike seats for them. If your bike breaks down, we can fix it for you! We also offer accommodation in a room and on the camping side and you can come here with a camper van. We rent bikes for groups. With more than 20 years of experience in bike rental, we can find the right rental bike for you.