Immerse yourself in the nature of Läänemaa

In the romantic small town of Haapsalu and small villages, hospitable people await you, surprising you with their sincerity and interest in history and culture. The guests who stayed here are remembered again and again with great respect.

VisitEstonia has produced a brochure introducing Estonia’s national parks:

Kiideva-Puise hiking trail

The trail is on the north coast of Matsalu Bay and joins the villages of Kiideva and Puise. The main part of the track is a 2.6-kilometre long section which starts near Kiideva and goes through the deciduous woodland and a restored wooded meadow until it reaches Lõpre oak. The circumference of the oak is 4 metres and its height is 20 metres. One may find interesting mushrooms near the oaks or hear the tawny owl and Tristam’s woodpecker. It is 800 metres from the oak to Puise. Good to know: One way is 3.4 kilometres long and you should allow yourself 2 hours. The trail is usually dry. There are camping facilities  and a place for making a fire.

Saare study trail

The Saare study trail is located on the border of Silma Nature Reserve. The hiking trail, which begins at the Sutlepa car park, is equipped with an observation platform and an observation tower. In the spring, you can admire thousands of waterfowl, and on the information boards, you will find information on the values of the Silma Nature Reserve.

Marimetsa Bog Hiking Trail

The first part of the trail is a dirt road that runs along the high-voltage power line. The track then reaches the Marimetsa Brook and leads to the rest area along the banks of the brook. From there, a boardwalk will take you to Marimetsa Bog. There is a viewing tower at the end of the trail (7.6 metres high). In Marimetsa Bog, you will see a fen, a transition bog, a raised bog, and a number of different birds and plants. The length of the trail is 9 kilometres of which 2 × 2 kilometres is a boardwalk. You should plan 4–5 hours for the hike. The trail is wet at places – make sure to bring your rubber boots.  There is a dry toilet on the track, benches for resting, and an information board with a map and a scheme of the trail.

Snowshoe hikes in Marimetsa bog

Marimetsa bog, typically to Western Estonia, does not have a lot of trees. At the same time, there are many bog ponds characteristic of Eastern Estonia. Together, it offers a pleasant mix of bouncy soil, large bog ponds, and open bogs. A hike in Marimetsa bog is especially suitable for those who are interested in nature. Marimetsa bog is also known for its abundance of birds. The most significant representative of the rich bog and forest bird life nesting in the Marimetsa nature reserve is probably the bald eagle. The abundance of Charadriiformes is especially striking. The sample price is for groups of 12 or more people. Ask for a price if you have a smaller group!

Salajõe karst area and rest stop

The largest karst area in Lääne County is just a few kilometres from Linnamägi, in the direction of Sutlepa. It is around 600 metres long and 100 metres wide. Around 1.5 kilometres of Salajõgi River flows into Haapsalu Bay below ground. Its source is in the springs south-west of the road, from where it flows as the Tiberna River. During dry periods, only a few litres of water per second flows in Salajõgi River. During high water, however, the water reaches the highway, filling the karst valley and forming a lake. There are two large Gneissbretsa boulders just off the Salajõe–Ingküla road, called the Kasemetsa and Allika Boulders. The largest of the two stands 3.9 metres tall, while the smaller stands 3.4 metres tall.

Paralepa forest tracks

The Paralepa park forest not far from Haapsalu has 3 km and 5 km long tracks. They provide a number of exercise opportunities, from parallel bars and balance beams to chin-ups and obstacle course runs. You can get a map from the reception desk at the nearby Fra Mare Hotel to help you navigate along the tracks. The map marks the running and ski track, which is also marked in situ, and the hotel will also hire out Nordic walking equipment, bicycles and skis.