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Beautiful autumn invites you outdoors

Crisp, northern winter mornings beckon you into the great outdoors. It’s a great way to get a nice tonic from exercising in the fresh air and to gather positive energy for the winter ahead.
It’s really nice weather for a walk in the Marimetsa bog.

The most picturesque bog in Läänemaa is now adorned with white morning glories, and the runners make it easy to get outside the boardwalk. Hiking trips in Marimetsa bog are organised by companies such as 360 kraadi and Hiking Estonia.

Nature is getting ready for winter.

Some migratory birds leave early, but the last migratory birds can still be found until the big frost.

Birdwatching in the late autumn and winter months is certainly not boring – quite the opposite. A number of feathered grebes have arrived, nesting far to the north and now heading south in search of food. One of the most conspicuous winter visitors are undoubtedly the wigeons, which usually operate in large flocks. The attentive nature lover can even meet these golden-nosed birds on the streets of Haapsalu. It’s worth looking for these eager “berry people”, especially in the rowan and fir trees where they come to feast.

Keep an eye out for electricity poles and wires as you move around the countryside.

It is precisely in such places that the much rarer winter visitor – the shagbark shrew– is lurking, and has already been seen in Läänemaa this winter.

Unlike many other cockroaches, shingles operate completely in daylight!

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