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How to get to the islands behind the sea

Ferries depart from Rohuküla port to Hiiumaa and Vormsi, from Dirhami port to Osmussaari.

If you would like to travel by car on the island, we recommend you pre-purchase an online ticket through the e-service. This will guarantee a spot on the ferry and you will not have to wait in the general queue.

When travelling to Vormsi by bike, you should consider that the ferry also has limited spots for bikes, so we recommend pre-purchasing an online ticket.

If you are on foot, you could buy a ticket at the Rohuküla harbour as well.

Tickets for ferries to Hiiumaa on the Rohuküla – Heltermaa route are available here:

Ticket for ferries to Vormsi on the Rohuküla – Swisby route are

You can get to Osmussaar from the port Dirhami.
Boat transport to the island must be booked in advance here:

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