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Wayfarers’ Churches

When travelling in Estonia, you will see a church towering over a village in many places. It can be seen from afar. It has been this way for centuries. In other places, the church is hidden by trees and you must know the way to find it. Some of them could be architectural miracles, others might boast a surviving ancient altar piece. A church could be modest on the outside, but the stories it could hide might be all the more fascinating.

Once you reach a church during your trip, be it old or new, large and spectacular or quite modest, opening the door will make the journey and arrival worthwhile.

Lääne County has some truly fascinating churches due to their sacral architecture as well as the history of art and culture.

Wayfarers’ Churches introduces lovely and, in many ways, unique sacral buildings of Estonia, belonging to different denominations: churches, chapels, meetinghouses, and convents.

You should not be afraid to enter a church – they are open to all who are curious!

Wayfarers’ Churches has information on over 400 Estonian churches. In addition, it has the contact details of churches for those who want to arrange their visit ahead of time, as well as schedules for church services and prayer meetings.

It is a little-known fact that many churches provide accommodation not only to people who have links to the church, but to any tired wayfarers.

Information about Wayfarers’ Churches can be found on their homepage at and in publications, which you can obtain from Haapsalu Tourist Information Centre, for example.

Wayfarer’s Churches welcome all who want to explore – be it people looking to experience the sacred, enthusiasts of architecture, history, and culture, or simply tourists who have stumbled upon one of the churches during their trip.

The door is open – come on in!

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