Where to go and what to do in Nõva and Noarootsi

In the romantic small town of Haapsalu and small villages, hospitable people await you, surprising you with their sincerity and interest in history and culture. The guests who stayed here are remembered again and again with great respect.

Villa Nõva large sauna house by the pond

The sauna house has a sauna with a large steam room, a SPA jacuzzi, and a large fireplace room for holding parties. The fireplace room has a small kitchenette. There are large tables and a barbecue area in the yard. The sleeping area is on the second floor. The space accommodates up to 16 people.  From the sauna you can jump right into the pond. Hot tub sauna available on request. Additional sleeping arrangements available for up to 4 people in the mill. There are bed linen, towels, wood for the sauna, sauna aroma, soap, dishes, and wifi. Air conditioning is available on request. Please bring your own charcoal for barbecue.

Nõva Nature Reserve, RMK Recreation Area, and Visitor Centre

The Nõva Recreation Area and Nature Reserve on the lowland of West-Estonia was established to protect the coastal landscapes and plant communities. It covers vast bog plains, forest massifs, and sand beaches. The lakes around Peraküla village are surrounded by 5-metre high coastal dunes. White water lilies and the great fen-sedge grow on the lakes. The coastal area enchants beachgoers and surfers. The forests and bogs are full of berries and mushrooms. There is an information point, camping spots, and places for making bonfires in the recreation area. The Nõva Visitor Centre in the Nõva RMK Recreation Area provides information about the area’s sights and advice on choosing the hiking routes.

Villa Nõva guest house with a hot tub

A small guest house allows for relaxation in nature or celebrating birthdays in a small circle of friends and family; we offer a sauna and a hot tub. The guest house accommodates up to 12 people. The house has a fireplace room with a kitchenette, a sauna, a bedroom, and a sleeping area on the second floor, and a large courtyard with all the necessary amenities. Bed linen is included in the price. There is a large open garden around the house. The yard is bordered by a pond. There is a large outdoor table with benches, a charcoal grill (you must bring your own charcoal), beach chairs in the summer, a hot tub, and a hammock. Nõva has a beautiful beach, lakes, and various RMK hiking trails. The nearest shop and restaurants are 3km away. Nõva Church is 2.3km away.

Villa Nõva Holiday Complex for private events

A private holiday complex for your special events: weddings, birthdays, company events, seminars, and camps. 3 km to the sea. RMK trails. The Villa Nõva holiday complex includes 4 houses: The MAIN HOUSE has a large hall for seminars and various events, a fireplace hall, a threshing barn, a large kitchen and bedrooms, and a large yard area. The SAUNA HOUSE has a sauna with a wooden sauna heater, a terrace on the shore of a pond, a jacuzzi (for extra charge), a fireplace hall, a kitchen area, and 4 bedrooms for 17 people in total. Additional accommodation available in the mill. The GUEST HOUSE has a small sauna, a living room with a fireplace, a kitchenette, a bedroom, and a sleeping area on the second floor, accommodating up to 12 people in total. The MILL HOUSE with 4 additional sleeping places.

Fishing traditions of Nõva

Enthusiasts can take a fishing trip on the sea or a local lake with professional fishermen from the coast, fishing equipment and an instructor. You can learn about likely places to find fish, what kind of catching methods and techniques to use in various areas, and how to put those to correct and effective use. You will also hear about the traditional methods and beliefs of the coastal folk. The trip lasts about 1–3 hours. Fishing season lasts from late spring until early autumn.

Nõva Manor Cafe

Nõva Manor Café is located in the beautiful Nõva village in the northwestern corner of Estonia. The café was founded in a former manor staff house. It has also housed the local dairy. Our menu is homely. From Monday to Friday, there is always at least one daily special meal and soup. In addition to warm food, we also offer delicious cakes, pastries, pies, and kringles – all made on the spot. The place is well suited for birthday parties and other events. Good to know: Nõva shop is located in the same building.