Welcome to the paradise
that is Lääne County!

Nothing is ordinary in Lääne County.

Everything is covered in a delicate but distinct layer of romance.
Even the Highland cattle are different here because they know how lucky they are to live here.

Come and see for yourself!

You could travel to Lääne County from various directions. It does not matter which one you choose, because once you arrive, you can exhale with joy and the feeling that you are experiencing something singular!

If you enjoy laconic expression and pure silence, then pick Marimetsa bog. Its minimalistic Nordic aesthetic, while still rich in details, is so powerful that it is breathtaking.

The nine-kilometre hiking trail leads straight to catharsis – it is impossible to miss, you are sure to arrive there.

When your soul is already filled with light coming back from the Marimetsa hiking trail, you are in the right state of mind to stop by the Kullamaa church yard.

If your timing is lucky, a concert will be taking place at the church. The list of artists who have performed there is awe-inspiring.

In Matsalu National Park, you will not only see, but also hear how beautiful nature is in Lääne County. It is a true paradise for anyone who admires birds, be it with their own eyes and ears or, even better, through a camera lens to get closer.

If you would like to feel the true might of the winds on the sea, then head to the north-western shore. Pick up a map, select a random point between Rannaküla and Österby, and go on a journey of discovery.
However, you should set aside enough time, as the entire coastal area is abundant in so many ways that it seems unbelievable how so much beauty and charm can be found in one place!

Pürksi, Noarootsi, and Nõva were probably created by God as his own personal paradise – there simply is no other explanation! How else would you explain the picturesque rivers with their shifting estuaries running through sands and the long shoreline with its singing sands where roses bloom in the summer? Yes, right on the sand on the beach.

For real.
Just like in a song.
Not to mention the deep blue sea with the open horizon.

And if you are looking for the most beautiful sunset in the world, you must head to the Peraküla beach.

You will find it there.

You might not have known this, but Lääne County has another legend in addition to the one of the White Lady. This one is about the location of the grave of the great Viking god Odin – namely, that it is on the island of Osmussaar. In fact, this is how the island got its name – in Swedish, the island’s name is Odensholm.
As far as we know, no one has met Odin’s spirit there, but Osmussaar still casts an inexplicable spell over new arrivals.
They say that many are unable to leave Osmussaar without outside help. Therefore, it is a good idea to go with friends. Hopefully, at least one of them must return to the mainland urgently after some time and is persuasive enough to not go alone.

If your weakness is islands, then you should visit Vormsi straight away. Vormsi is also a place of legends. According to one of them, Vormsi (Ormsö in Swedish) was named after an Icelandic Viking called Orm (‘snake’).

However, before you reach the Rohuküla Harbour, you will experience a lot more romance if you stop by the Ungru castle, which was never completed.
Legend says that Count Ungern-Sternberg fell in love with a daughter of the lord of the Merseburg castle, who had pledged to spend her entire life there. The count promised to build a castle that was an exact copy, and the lord’s daughter agreed. The construction of the castle was halted when the count’s beloved suddenly fell ill and passed away.
The walls of Ungru castle still stand firm, just like true love.

When going to Vormsi, be prepared, because this small island might become the love of your life.
Even if you have travelled all corners of Vormsi several times, something will always bring you back. Tiny picturesque villages, truly primeval untouched forest dotted with mysterious forest lakes, appearing and disappearing, and sunny coastal meadows where you might come face to face with Highland cattle.
Whether they are simply cows or something more is for you to decide.

You have been warned! Lääne County is special and addictive!