Smesa Ait (Smesa Barn)

The idyllic guest house called Smesa Ait (Smesa Barn) is a genuine and unique summer accommodation on Vormsi Island, on the beach of Hosby village. The barn has everything you need for a comfortable holiday: A kitchenette, a fridge, possibility of cooking, and a shower.Everything you need for cooking and enjoying the meal, plus a selection of coffee and tea!Bed sheets and towels.Guest Wi-Fi. Means for barbecuing and relaxing in the yard.A swing and a sandbox for kids.For “royal needs”, the luxurious outdoor toilet called Õkva.Summer SPA Sauna €45 + hot tub €45.There’s a harbour in Hosby village – come by a rowboat or a motorboat! Plus the catering option! Come and discover Vormsi, a picturesque place – with fierce people!

Hosby küla, Vormsi vald