A hike on elven trails in the virgin nature of Tõldmäe

A hike on elven trails takes you to the magical Tõldmäe bog island covered in virgin forest and offering breathtaking views on Leidissoo. This is a place where time stands still and the unearthly prevails. The place is rich in trees and rocks in various shapes and sizes. We will talk about nature, local legends, Estonian pre-history, mythology and traditions. If you wish, you can have a smoke sauna after the hike. Leave the civilization behind, become a part of primeval nature and have an adventure in a mystical elven forest! You will always be welcome here! The hike is about 8 km long and lasts for about 5–8 hours; the price includes the fee of a tour guide and transportation from Tallinn.  

Auaste küla, Lääne-Nigula vald