Lookout towers in Lääne County


The Haeska bird-watching tower on the northern shore of Matsalu Bay has the best views in Europe – the surrounding coastal meadows and shallow water bay are one of the favorite places for migratory birds.

Many species have been registered in the vicinity of the Haeska bird tower, and Finnish birdwatchers have also set a European record in one-day tower observation – 128 different bird species were seen.

The bird-watching tower and the resting place are located on private land, therefore movement and stay on the object is allowed from sunrise to sunset.


Kiideva bird- watching tower is located in Kiideva harbor. The observation tower is wonderfully suitable for bird watching, as well as for admiring the landscape and view.

When coming by car, leave the car at Kiideva bus stop and look at the sea, the jubilee observation tower is also visible.


There are two towers in Puise – the bird-watching tower of Puise Nina farm and the viewing platform of Puise bus station, which is located on the roof of the Puise bus stop.

The bird-watching tower of Puise Nina Farm is suitable for a nature lover, family vacation, romance evening, holding think tanks or other gatherings for a smaller group.


From the four-meter-high Rannajõgi observation tower, you can take a look at an extensive meadow area, which offers a special experience in spring, when the meadow is flooded with high water. Then thousands of geese, swans and ducks stop here, and in summer, many species nest in the marsh. You can see elks and wild goatd wandering around in search of food.

The Rannajõgi observation tower and the 110 cm wide boardwalk leading to the observation platform are also intended for use by people in wheelchairs (the tower has a ramp).

At the beginning of the boardwalk there is an information board introducing the river basin.

Marimetsa bog

The first part of the Marimetsa bog hiking trail is a dirt road, which first runs along the base of the high-voltage line, then across the meadow to the Marimetsa stream and further along the stream bank to a rest area equipped with an information board. A boardwalk leads from the resort to the Marimetsa bog. At the end of the trail there is a 7.6 m high observation tower on a wooden platform.

In Marimetsa bog you can see lowlands, transitional bogs as well as high bogs, the birds and flora are also rich.

The observation tower is well suited for admiring the landscape and view.


For most of the year, Haapsalu Tagalaht is an exciting bird watching place. You do not need to leave the city, but visit the15m high bird-watching tower on the Promenade. There you will get a complete overview of bird life between Haapsalu and Noarootsi. During the stay in April-May, the bay is filled with swans and various duck species, and in autumn in September and October it is exciting to watch the geese and storks leave.


The Saunja hiking trail goes back and forth through pine stands, junipers and a dense deciduous forest. In the spring, it is exciting to listen to a songbird concert here. The hiking trail leads out to the sea, where you can see the restored coastal meadow. In order to restore the coastal meadow, animals are grazed here, it helps to repel the growing reeds and to recover the vegetation characteristic of the meadow. On the edge of the coastal meadow is the Saunja bird-watching tower overlooking Saunja Bay. In spring and autumn, it is home to tens of thousands of waterfowl.

The length of the trail is 1.2 km.

The second Saunja bird observation tower – the Kirimäe peninsula observation tower is located as the name suggests on the Kirimäe peninsula.

Riimi Sea

A kilometer away from the Silma Workshop, there is a remnant lake – the Riimi Sea, which is a former bay but has now separated as a result of landslides. When hiking by the Riimi Sea, a higher ridge remains on the road – Riimi Island. This place is a textbook example of how living nature used to be established in the higher places in the past, while the surrounding areas were still under the melting water of the continental ice. There is a bird-watching tower by the Riimi Sea.

Tahu hiking-trail

The marked back and forth hiking trail, which starts at the former Tahu manor park, leads to the interesting observation tower by Tahu Bay, where you can enjoy the beautiful coastal meadow landscape. The coastal areas here are a suitable nesting place for many waders, while geese, lagoons and swans stop in flocks during migration.

Saare hiking-trail

The island study trail is located on the border of the Silma nature reserve.

The hiking trail, which starts from the Sutlepa seafront car park, is equipped with an observation platform and a lookout tower. In the spring, you can observe the lives of thousands of waterfowl there, on the information boards you will find information about the values ​​of the Silma Nature Reserve.

Here you can hear the song of the woodpecker and the sound of a clap (hüüp), reminiscent of blowing into a bottle.

All this can be experienced on a 1 km long round trip.


A 6.7 km long hiking trail leads from the village of Rumpo on the island of Vormsi to the top of the peninsula of the same name.

The platforms along the trail offer views of the bays of Hullo and Sviby and the plateaus, which are marked nesting and migration stops for waterfowl. The Rumpo Peninsula is also home to rare tundra-like lichen communities. There are 3 viewing platforms on the Rumpo hiking trail.