Hiking trails

Hiking trails

The best way to enjoy the beautiful landscapes and listen to nature sounds is walking. Good network of hiking trails at our nature protection areas allow you to have walks in different habitats and with different length.

One of the must visited hiking trails are located at Marimetsa bog. The walk first takes you through old mixed forest and continue through the raised bog. Located away from villages, walk in the bog allows you to enjoy the silence and to listen the nature sounds.

The spring or early summer walk in the walk allows you to see good mixture of different birds and also various unique plants. If you come in the autumn you can pick here some fresh Cranberries and enjoy the stunning autumnal colours.

Guided walks in the bogs are offered by Birding Haapsalu and 360 degrees.

If you love to study blooming plants and like to listen the songbirds, then you should visit Kiideva-Puise hiking trail at Matsalu National Park.

The walk takes you through the lovely wooded meadow there you can find various woodland plants, here the Cuckoos calling, Rosefinches singing or the White-backed Woodpeckers drumming.

Very exciting hiking trails are:

  • Puise-Kiideva hiking trail (one way 3,4 km). The Puise-Kiideva hiking trail is a good choice if there are people with different interests in the family or friends. The hiking trail offers a pleasant walk, there are many different plants, beautiful landscapes for photographers and exciting birds for bird lovers.
  • Saunja hiking trail (one way 1,2 km). The trail runs through a pine forest to a bird tower by the bay. Great for bird watching.
  • Marimetsa bog hiking trail (9 km). The Marimetsa hiking trail leads to the middle of one of the most beautiful bogs in Lääne County. Enchanting bog views, exciting sounds of nature and an invigorating hike in the fresh air are guaranteed!
  • Saare hiking trail (1 km). A short hiking trail with two bird-watching towers with good views of the Sutlepa Sea. A good place for bird watching from early spring to late autumn.