White Lady open-air performance / HAAPSALU LEGEND

Haapsalu and the legend of the White Lady are inseparable. The first White Lady theatre evenings took place in the Episcopal Castle as early as July 1937, but the White Lady summer productions have been performed since 1979. Paul Kilgas' play The Legend of Haapsalu, then directed by Ilmar Tammur, was included in the Randlane Folk Theater's play programme for a dozen summers (1979–1990) and was attended by tens of thousands. In the meantime, 15 more diverse productions of the most famous ghost in Terra Mariana have been staged, but last year, for the 740th anniversary of the city, this legendary legend was brought out again – a story of love, jealousy, justice, faith, and lust for freedom.

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Haapsalu linn, Haapsalu