TAFF:fest 2020 / PÄEVAPILET 17.07.2020 (Haapsalus)

This summer the first jazz festival TAFF:fest will take place in Haapsalu. ANNA KANEELINAHENDRIK SAL-SALLERSIIM AIMLA FUNK BANDTITOKSREKETRAMUEL TAFENAUKAIRE VILGATSALEKSANDER PAALRAIVO TAFENAU. The first TAFF:fest will take place from 17th to 18th of July 2020 in front of Haapsalu Cultural Center, with the legendary saxophonist Raivo Tafenau as the artistic director. “The idea for this festival grew out of the good energy between TAFF Club in Tallinn and the jazz club of Haapsalu Cultural Center. Both clubs have been around for about the same length of time and both aim to provide only the best for their audience. It was by chance that now we can bring something new and great to life. Where else, if not in the middle of summer, in one of the most beautiful cities in Estonia, Haapsalu,” said Raivo Tafenau, musician and artistic director of TAFF:fest. He invites all music lovers to come to the festival as the program will be diverse and engaging. Gülnar Murumägi, director of Haapsalu Cultural Center, admits that the idea of ​​a summer jazz festival has been in her head for years. She talked about it with Raivo Tafenau for many times, but now all the conditions are right for this idea to be made into a reality. “Estonia is known for its summer festivals. However, it feels like we have something for the listeners that is not available elsewhere. This is primarily because of our peculiar location in the center of the very beautiful Haapsalu and its distinctive program.” She also thinks that everyone will find something suitable in the program. Within two days, both young and already well-known top performers will be hitting the stage. TAFF:fest also has programmes that you can't hear elsewhere. These include Rock'n'Jazz with Hendrik Sal-Saller, Rap'n'Jazz with Reket and the celebration of Charlie Parker's 100th birthday with some of the best jazz musicians in Estonia. Siim Aimla Funk Band, Titoks, Ramuel Tafenau with the programme "Gather Around" and many others will also perform at TAFF:fest. Haapsalu's own music collectives are also involved. The festival is organized by Haapsalu Cultural Center in cooperation with TAFF Club. Haapsalu Cultural Center is an important cultural temple in Lääne County. They are in charge of organizing the city's cultural life from everyday activities to major national festivals. ww.tafffestival.ee