Opening of the Haapsalu Castle Museum

Kuupäev: 28.06.2019
Aeg: 10:00 - 18:00

Built in the 13th century, Haapsalu Castle is one of the best-preserved fortresses in Estonia. The museum in the main building has undergone a thorough renovation and opens its doors to visitors on 28 June.
The museum’s exposition speaks of the history of medieval Haapsalu and Läänemaa. The visitor can try out how the gunpowder mill, for example, or the lift bridge worked – reconstructions and models help to better understand the life in a medieval castle.
It will be possible to visit rooms that were closed until now. The castle, which was last heated in the 17th century, will be warm again. The museum will be open all year round!
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Haapsalu linn, Haapsalu, Lossiplats, 3