Mustlastantsu ja -muusika programm ”Bareh Droma”

Spectacular Gypsy Dance & Music Performance "Bareh Droma"
Gypsies are passionate people and their folk dance and music clearly represent their emotions. Their long way to Europe that started millennium ago enriched their folk music with lots of motives of the lands they were passing by, creating a unique sound and way of playing. An excellent way to get acquainted with the culture of Gypsies is to visit folk program "Bareh Droma" (Grand Roads) prepared by Gypsy ensemble AL SOL especially for the 2019 concert tour!
AL SOL was founded in 2006 by Natalija Ilves with the aim to preserve and develop Gypsy folklore dance on a professional level. Ensemble consist of ex-professional dancers, united by a deep interest in Gypsy culture. During recent years ensemble has won several competition-festivals in Gypsy dance held in Russia, and has twice become a silver medalist of World Cup in Folk Dances. AL SOL has performed in Estonia, Latvia, Finland, Russia and France, the geography of their activities is constantly expanding.
Folk show "Bareh Droma" has been prepared in cooperation with outstanding singer Beatrice Nebis (Moscow Gnesinski Musical Institue) and guitar virtuos Slava Bortsov (Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre).
Especially for this show costume designer Larianna Holm has created new, marvelous looks. The project has gained the support of Estonian Integration Foundation.
"Bareh Droma" team just leave and breathe Gypsy music and dance, and would love to share this passion with you!
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact
+372 5207300