Museum of the Coastal Swedes

This museum in Haapsalu introduces the thousand-year-old settlements of the coastal Swedes in Estonia. In the house inaugurated by the King of Sweden, you can acquaint yourself with their unique cultural heritage and see a 20-metre embroidered rug that depicts the life of the Estonian-Swedes. There is a scene where Swedish peasant bought Large-Pakri Island from the Padise Monastery for 34 gold marks in 1345. Swedish King Carl Gustaf had great words of praise for the pictorial rug! In addition, other interesting undertakings take place and traditional wedding feasts are held. Good to know: A wooden sailboat – Jaala – was built in the net shed next to the museum, which was modelled on boats from Ruhnu Island.
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Haapsalu linn, Haapsalu, Sadama tänav 32