Kaasaegse tsirkuse lavastus ”Igavikuline Õhtusöök” / Big Wolf Company SUVETUUR 2018

Kuupäev: 05.07.2018
Aeg: 18:00 - 19:10

Circus performance ETERNAL DINNER summer tour 2018 / Big Wolf Company

After travelling the world for years, Estonian contemporary circus artists Grete Gross and Lizeth Wolk have returned to homeland. Touring in smaller and bigger places in Estonia they’re telling the story of a lifetime – of changes, growing old, loneliness and dreams.
“Eternal Dinner” is a bow to traditional circus, a story of being an artist and the glorious splendour, fading as the years go by.

Miss Marta and miss Helmi have met for the past 10 years on a dinner for two, remembering the times of their youth, scaring off the bitter taste of loneliness. As suitable for life-long friends, the love and caring for each other is shown through farce teasing and mocking.
But behind these hunched bodies, too slow legs and wrinkled faces one cannot misread those shining eyes, still seeing the ovations of the audience, still admired, still beautiful…

The never-forgettable songs from Estonian classics (caress the mind) stroke the ears, the circus-like possibility of impossible sharpens the senses and the tea and wine offered during intermission quenches one’s thirst.

Idea and creation / Big Wolf Company – Grete Gross, Lizeth Wolk
On stage / Grete Gross, Lizeth Wolk
Assisting choreographers, repeaters / Kaspar Jancis, Kaja Lindal
Assisting set, video design / Maarja Roolaht
Production / Karmen Aasanurm

Premiere March 26th 2017 at Von Krahl Theatre, Tallinn, Estonia

Big Wolf Company is the first professional contemporary circus group of Estonia, founded by Grete Gross and Lizeth Wolk in 2015. Lizeth and Grete have graduated from SaSak Circus Education in Lahti, Finland in May 2015 specializing in aerial acrobatics.
Combining their forces, Big Wolf Company aims to create performances for all kinds of taste – from retro-styled comedy to fascinating solo performances. The group fights for the goal of making the whole Estonia love circus, and showing how diverse the art of circus can be.


Thu. 28.06 at 21:00 Restaurant Peatus, Tallinn
Sat. 30.06 kl 19:00 Kernu Mõisa Küün
Thu. 05.07 kl 19:00 Haapsalu Kultuurimaja
Sat. 07.07 kl 19:00 Paide Muusika- ja Teatrimaja
Sat. 28.07 kl 15:00 Mooste mõisa folgikoda
Wed. 01.08 kl 19:00 Viljandi Koidu seltsimaja

The performance is played in two parts, overall duration approximately 1 hour 10 minutes.

The creation and performing of “Eternal Dinner” had been supported by Estonian Culture Endowment.

Webpage of the event / https://www.bigwolfcompany.net/
More info on Facebook / https://www.facebook.com/bigwolfcompany/

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