Altmõisa Guesthouse

Altmõisa is situated only 100 km from Tallinn and Pärnu and 18 km from Haapsalu. Once you're here, you can enjoy the sea, the landscape of the Matsalu National Park and observe the migratory birds whose route crosses over the house.
Our light rooms are unique and cosy due to their painted walls. The kitchen of Altmõisa guesthouse uses local produce.
Altmõisa is a good place for weddings and birthdays. Our guests include bird watchers, nature tourists and hunters. Our facilities are suitable for a family holiday, for a romantic couple and for groups seeking to enjoy a little quiet. There is room for seminars for up to 80 people.
Altmõisa is the perfect place for groups who wish to dedicate themselves to learning or just relax without any distractions.
+3724724680, +37253008622
Tuuru küla, Haapsalu