Ice road between Haapsalu and Noarootsi peninsula is open! 15.02.2019

Today at 11am the ice road between Haapsalu and Noarootsi will be open. You can see road situation live in here:

Ice road begins at Uus-Sadama street (Vasikaholmi beach) in Haapsalu and ends at Österby port pier. Ice road is 4km long. 

At Noarootsi you can visit Noarootsi shop, Roosta Holiday Village and Dirhami Fish Cafe and tomorrow there will be Noarootsi sauna rally 2019!

Ice road is open 8am-17.30pm.

Depending on a weather conditions there might be unexpected closing of the road. 

Rules of driving on a ice road:

  • ice road is open for traffic only during the light hours, if visibility on a road is less than 300 meters, then access to ice road will be prohibited.
  • recommended speed is less than 25 km/h or between 40-70km/h (on a speed 25-40 km/h vehicle might cause resonant wave that breaks the ice).
  • you can go to a ice road only from marked places, with minimum 2 min between every vehicle.
  • distance between every vehicle must be at least 250 m.
  • it is prohibited to pass the vehicle in front.
  • it is prohibited to drive anywhere else than the marked road.
  • seat belt must be open at all times and you must check if the doors are easy to open.
  • uneven places on a road must be passed with lowest speed possible.
  • it is prohibited to stop the car; speed; drive with snowstorm, with fog or in the dark.

When you are going to the ice road, please save the phone number of responsible inspector, which is marked on a info stand at the beginning of a road. Then you can call help if needed.  

Please don’t drive to any ice road which is officialy not open, it is life-threatening!