Haapsalu culture programme 2021

04.06-06.06 Haapsalu’s Horror and Fantasy Film festival

Haapsalu’s Horror and Fantasy Film festival is the biggest genre film festival in the Baltic States. It will bring to you the best, boldest and most original action, fantasy and horror films that have been released in recent years. In addition to that, you won’t miss out on freak and retro film selections which are becoming increasingly more popular, exciting unique events and the best parties in the mud capital!


04.06 – 05.06 Italian wine party in Haapsalu

During the Italian wine party in Haapsalu you will have an opportunity to taste test and rate Italian wines over the course of 2 days. The wine party started with an idea to introduce Haapsalu’s twin town Greve which is located in the Chianti region in Italy. Many Estonian wine importers are represented as well as their Italian business partners. The party will commence with trying the wines on Friday in the galleries and cafes in Haapsalu. On the Saturday, a wine contest will be held and the winner of the favourite red, white and prosecco variety wines will be decided by the locals and attendees of the event in Haapsalu will be announced. In addition to wines, there will also be a programme with a wide range of Italian themed cultures on display at the event.


05.06 Italian Music Festival

Umberto Tozzi, one of the most beloved singer-songwriters, will perform in Haapsalu on 5 June. As a special guest, The Italian Tenors, a phenomenon of Italian pop opera, will arrive to Haapsalu with the concert tour ‘Viva La Vita’.

The grand concert of Umberto Tozzi and The Italian Tenors will take place in the courtyard of Haapsalu Episcopal Castle on 5 June 2021, when the resort town of Haapsalu hosts another Italian wine party. As part of the wine party, Haapsalu, also known as the Venice of the Nordic Countries, fills with Italian flavours, great wines, and music. Thousands of Italian culture fans from Estonia and abroad visit the event every year.


Photo: Vendo Jugapuu

05.06 Lääne County dance festival

01.07 – 04.07 Haapsalu’s Tchaikovsky Festival

This year’s festival will host guest artists from around the world. There will also be several carefully selected chamber music concerts. We welcome everyone that appreciates beauty, romance, great feelings, and splendid melodies, as well as historical concert sites, lovely summer nights, the romantic old town, and, above all, the magnificent music by Tchaikovsky. The first Haapsalu Tchaikovsky Festival, which took place in 2017, received a lot of positive feedback from the audience, recognition from critics, and several significant prizes.


Photo: Gunnar Laak

09.07-11.07 American Beauty Car Show

American Beauty Car Show is the biggest event for American cars in the Baltic States, consisting of a car show, a convention, a drag race, and cruising. The show lasts for three days. In addition, you can enjoy the best music by Estonian and foreign artists. American Beauty Car Show takes place in Haapsalu Bishop’s Castle, in its vicinity, and at Kiltsi airfield.


16.07-18.07 TAFF:fest

TAFF:fest is a festival of quality music focused on Estonian musicians, featuring top performers and young musicians who are still trying to make it to the top, which is why they need more outputs. Artistic director Raivo Tafenau has a vision of how to combine different styles of music while maintaining the freedom inherent in jazz music. The festival is a mixture of pop, folk, rock, classical, rap, and many more genres. The word ‘crossover’ could be the keyword for this festival, as jazz as a genre has become very difficult to define.


Photo: Viktor Pavlov

23.07-25.07 Haapsalu Early Music Festival


23.07–25.07 Yoga Festival


Photo: Joogafestival

30.07–01.08 Bluesfest “Augustibluus”

The main stage is nestled in the beautiful surroundings of the ancient Episcopal Castle, featuring both big names from the United States – the cradle of blues and Europe as well as exciting projects from the local performers. The daily program offers workshops, exhibitions and traditional acoustic concerts in the old railway station. Music can also be enjoyed in streets and open- air cafes.


Photo: Silver Raidla

07.08 Promenade of Flavours

The festival takes place in the Old Town and on that day, the entire Karja Street becomes a promenade of flavours.
Haapsalu welcomes anyone to the festival who has a passion for food, flavours, and summer in Haapsalu.
The festival programme also includes interesting concerts and performances on the stage of the Citizen Tower.

16.08 – 18.08 The White Lady Time 

During the closest weekend of August’s full moon, Haapsalu’s old town will turn into a buzzing fairground where a colorful culture programme will be held from the early hours of the morning until the crack of dawn. When the darkness hits The White Lady open air show
will be played at the bishop’s Castle grounds.


10.09-12.09 Nostalgia Days

We think of nostalgia as the past. We do not give priority to waving communist flags or to political preferences. Those days are simply gone. When most people think of the past, they think of their first schoolday, their first love, first car, and many other of their firsts.

Nostalgia Days in Haapsalu are special because the events take place in the entire city during three days. The main day has always been Saturday when a parade of old vehicles takes place, followed by an exhibition, a concert, and a fair.

Summers in Haapsalu last longer!

07. – 15.11 West County’s Food Week

During the dark nights of November, the streets will be lit up in the lights of cosy food places. During the West County’s food week, different restaurants, cafe’s and other food providers will offer special menus put together with quality produce. The main emphasis will be on local produce and small providers in the West County and the overall area itself. Good food lovers will be able to spoil their taste buds during the whole week! In addition to special menus food tasting, prom​otions and training​.


Photo: Ivar Soopan