Haapsalu culture programme 2019

05.01 Russian Fair

The fair will traditionally open at midday on Karja steet and will last around two to three hours depending on the weather. You will find a selection of festive and farm foods, warm drinks and handycraft on offer. The mood will be kept up by a high spirited Slavic culture programme.


25.01 Scottish Celebration

A full day of Scottish Culture: curling, music, whiskey, men in kilts, dancing and poetry by Robert Burns.


Photo: Haapsalu kultuurikeskus

30. 03 Rannalõõts 2019 competition playing

A spring event with according playing in Haapsalu. A competition will be held with the accordion and garmoshka playing against each other.


25.04-28.04 Haapsalu’s Horror and Fantasy Film festival

Haapsalu’s Horror and Fantasy Film festival is the biggest genre film festival in the Baltic States. It will bring to you the best, boldest and most original action, fantasy and horror films that have been released in recent years. In addition to that, you won’t miss out on freak and retro film selections which are becoming increasingly more popular, exciting unique events and the best parties in the mud capital!


31.05 – 01.06 Italian wine party in Haapsalu

During the Italian wine party in Haapsalu you will have an opportunity to taste test and rate Italian wines over the course of 2 days. The wine party started with an idea to introduce Haapsalu’s twin town Greve which is located in the Chianti region in Italy. Many Estonian wine importers are represented as well as their Italian business partners. The party will commence with trying the wines on Friday in the galleries and cafes in Haapsalu. On the Saturday, a wine contest will be held and the winner of the favourite red, white and prosecco variety wines will be decided by the locals and attendees of the event in Haapsalu will be announced. In addition to wines, there will also be a programme with a wide range of Italian themed cultures on display at the event.


01.06 Italian Music Festival

A Magnificent Italian Music Festival will take place at the bishop’s castle courtyard on Saturday 1st of June. At the same time, the Italian wine festivities are held that will bring Italian flavours and wines to the streets of Haapsalu. Every year, thousands of Italian Culture lovers will visit from both Estonia and abroad. The Italian Music Festival will bring Ricchi E Pover and Riccardo Fogl to the resort town.


Photo: Vendo Jugapuu

05.06 West County’s Folk Party „Ilmaratas“

The party held in the bishop’s castle will hold about 1700 singers, dancers and folk musicians in honour of the XXVII singing festival „Minu Arm“. The lighting of the fire will be the opening act to the jubilee party which will carry the values of the singing and dancing festivals and magic to each corner of Estonia.

Nargenfestival’s Kreek Days

Nargenfestival has been a memorable event that celebrates people living close to the sea in the local area. The summer party that values the legacy of Estonian music including music by Cyrillus Kreek and Veljo Tormis who are famous traditional artists. The artistic director of Nargen festival is Tõnu Kaljuste.


26.06 – 29.06 Haapsalu’s Tchaikovsky Festival

The Tchaikovsky Festival returns and this time the concerts take place in historic and cosy avenues which give the festival a boutique like vibe. The concert halls are smaller, the atmosphere more intimate which allows tight creative interactions and bright experiences. The main act will be a dynamic Polish orchestra, Warsaw Soloists who will be accompanied by the lead singer Janusz Wawrowsk and his Stradivarious violin! Russian classic choir music performed by the Estonian National Male Choir can be enjoyed in the Dome Cathedral. In addition to the above there are St Petersburg opera singers who will perform their saltinue and you will also be able to enjoy the performance of young Estonian musicians and children. Days filled with music, happiness and hopefully sunshine! ” ​


28.06 The opening of Haapsalu Bishop’s Castle Cathedral

The Bishop’s Castle Fort was built as the epicenter for Estonia’s West bishopric’s region. The fort is one of the most well perceived forts in Estonia which was built during the 13th Century and was in use until the end of the 17th Century. The heart of the fort is the main fort with the rooms for the bishop and his clergymen along with administrative rooms were located along with the medieval tiny town’s main church – a grand Castle Cathedral. The main fort is surrounded by smaller forts that’s surrounded by a medieval wall with seven towers and four gates. The fort descended into ruins at the end of the 17th century. In modern days, the Bishop’s Castle has a museum and in July a new customer interactive museum / visitors centre about the middle ages will be opened. The front fort was turned into a park during the 19th century and there is an exciting themed children’s park in the moat of the fort. Many legends follow the fort and the most famous one is the story of t​he White La​dy.


Photo: Gunnar Laak

12.07-14.07 American Beauty Car Show

The American Beauty Car Show is a national American cars and culture show which started in 2001 and is one of the most unique events within the neighbouring countries due to its location and structure. There are many events held at simultaneously: the car show, gathering, accelerating competitions and the car parade through the town. American Beauty Car Show is also famous for the gig’s held. Previously artists like Beth Hart (USA), Reverend Horton Heat (USA), The Original Blues Brothers Band (USA), Black Star Riders (USA), Mustasch (SWE), Imelda May (IR), Dee Snider (USA), The Darkness (UK), Uriah Heep (UK), Tarja Turunen (FIN) and many others ha​ve performed. “​ ​


19.07 -20.07 Rock in Haapsalu

The Rock Festival in Haapsalu is held for the third time and will bring jazz and pop star Katie Melua along with the romance king Chris de Burgh to Estonia. Georgian decent Katie Melua gained fame with her second album ’Piece by Piece’. Her big breakthrough came with the hit ’Nine Million Bicycles’ which is a blend of new jazz, blues and pop. Chris de Burgh’s main hits are the super ballad ’The Lady in Red’ from 1986 and ’Mis​sing you’ from 1988.


Photo: Viktor Pavlov

24. 07-28. 07 Vanamuusikafestival

An old music festival that started in 1994 in the beautiful Resort of Haapsalu is known as one of the weightiest in its genre in the whole of Estonia. It has attracted the attention of many famous musicians in Europe. The festival will bring together the best musicians in Estonia and the biggest names from Europe in order to bring live music from many different centuries and give the audience an experience ​of a lifetime. ” ​


27.7.07 – 08.07 Yoga Festival

The national Yoga Festival, that is held in Haapsalu for the 8th time, will bring cosiness, a magical atmosphere and life in nice tents to Haapsalu’s fortress. At the bazaar you will find a huge selection of healthy bites and exciting vegetarian food. The main act is the charming yoga instructor and musician Justin Michael Williams from the USA. Relaxing laughing yoga and meditation workshops will be led by Ananda Dasi from India and voice travels will be guided by Hedvig Hanson. The night will be filled with extotic dance and meditation. Additionally there will be a children’s programme ​and amazing company!


Photo: Joogafestival

02.08 – 04.08 Augustibluus

August Bluesfest will transform Haapsalu into a paradise for blues lovers for the 26th year. The main concerts of the festival will be held over two nights on the grounds of the ancient bishop’s castle. During the day workshops are held, a traditional acoustic concert in the railway station and a poetry concert at the Kuursaal. A blues jam will be held at Haapsalu’s culture centre’s nightclub 56 Blues until the early hours of the day. Since 1994 different artists and bands from about thirty different countries have performed at the festival, many of them great figures of blues and the best of Est​onia’s musicians. ” ​


Photo: Silver Raidla

10.08 Promenade of Flavours

A fun summery food festival will bring over fifty different street food vendors from Estonia and elsewhere to the streets of Haapsalu for the 4th time. There will be food trucks, food trolleys and restaurants from people’s homes and further afield. The night will conclude with a traditional midnight retro disco which will attract a buzzing vibe and th​e streets dancing. “


10.08 Rannalõõts 2019 and Coastal people’s promenade

The summery Rannalõõts concert is held for the 8th time on Haapsalus promenade with vendors from t​he coastal villages​.


16.08 – 18.08 The White Lady Time and Haapsalu 740

During the closest weekend of August’s full moon, Haapsalu’s old town will turn into a buzzing fairground where a colorful culture programme will be held from the early hours of the morning until the crack of dawn. When the darkness hits The White Lady open air show
will be played at the bishop’s Castle grounds. In addition to this Haapsalu’s 740th anniversary celebr​ations will be held​. www.kultuurimaja.ee 18.08 Haapsalu’s 8th Lace Day

A day full of Lace of Haapsalu! A traditional lace day awaits for all of the knitting lovers and the admirers of Estonian cultural heritage. There will be workshops dedicated to lace, exhibitions and a fashion show. The main act of the day will be the knitting competition. Different handcraft entrepreneurs will offer various materials and tools along with handy tips and tricks. Knitting together in the afternoon will bring together all of the knitting lovers who will be able to create or renew contacts and plan events together… Take part and be a detail in the patt​ern of the lace day​!


06- 08.09 XV Nostalgic Days

A parade with soviet vehicles, trick driving and an outdoor exhibition. During the nostalgic day, different shows, concerts, thematic restnights, film programmes and a other events will be hel​d across the town. “


07. – 15.11 West County’s Food Week

During the dark nights of November, the streets will be lit up in the lights of cosy food places. During the West County’s food week, different restaurants, cafe’s and other food providers will offer special menus put together with quality produce. The main emphasis will be on local produce and small providers in the West County and the overall area itself. Good food lovers will be able to spoil their taste buds during the whole week! In addition to special menus food tasting, prom​otions and training​.


Photo: Ivar Soopan