Läänemaa seminar room information

Information on seminar rooms

Mihkli Guesthouse seminar room

Mihkli Guesthouse mainly offers accommodation, but a small seminar room for up to 50 people is also available. Basic technology and audio equipment are ready for use.

Sepaküla, Haapsalu

Roosta Holiday Village Conferences

Roosta Holiday Village’s conference centre has two seminar and conference rooms and one meeting room. All of them have WiFi, and you can make use of flipcharts and whiteboards, a screen and projector and a television. The Ormsö Hall also comes with a microphone and amplifier. You can also request a data projector, computer, interpretation equipment, removable dividing walls and anything else you need. By way of entertainment we can arrange an MC, show programme, excursions and more.

Elbiku küla / Ölbäck, Lääne-Nigula vald

Haapsalu Cultural Centre conference halls

The Theatre Hall has 511 seats and is perfect for bigger conferences. There are two wardrobes for the performers. The Balcony Hall (372.6 m²) has a large balcony (131 m²) and a stepped ceiling, making it a beautiful space for different moods and styles. Depending on your needs, a modular stage can be assembled in the hall, and other services on offer include sound equipment, lighting, and catering. The Coaster’s Hall in the basement (150 m2) has no windows and is a long black box type room. The best place for trainings is the Seminar Hall. We have a good selection of presentation equipment and you can also order catering.

Haapsalu linn, Haapsalu, Posti tänav 3

Oru Cultural Hall

The Oru Cultural Hall was opened in the autumn of 2021. The hall is a great place for seminars and smaller conferences. The theatre-style hall seats 310 people and the classroom-style hall seats 120. The hall has modern sound, light and video equipment. There is transmission capability for hybrid events. In addition, it is possible to rent a smaller seminar room for workshops (up to 25 people) and in cooperation with Oru School we can offer the use of a gym in the same building.The cultural hall is located 14 km from Haapsalu and less than 90 km from Tallinn. There are the Linnamäe health trail, an outdoor gym and the Vedra orienteering trail in the immediate vicinity of the hall.

Linnamäe küla, Lääne-Nigula vald, Hansuküla tee 2/1

Hestia Hotel Haapsalu Spa seminar rooms

Haapsalu is where good ideas are born! An inspiring seaside location, offering beautiful natural views for the eye and the soul. It’s a great place to take time out with the team or to celebrate an important event. We have 2 seminar rooms for smaller groups and good partners who can also accommodate larger groups. After the seminar you can enjoy a relaxing water and sauna spa, wellness spa with therapeutic massages; authentic tastes of Läänemaa are offered in the Blu Holm restaurant. Wonderful location, friendly people and a wide range of services – your new favourite venue for organising seminars and events.

Haapsalu linn, Haapsalu, Sadama tänav 9

Conference and Seminar Rooms at Villa Fannyhof

Villa Fannyhof offers rooms for rent for groups of up to 20 people for conferences, workshops or other events. We offer two conference rooms. The rooms are equipped with everything needed for presenting training materials.You can book a catering service or we can assist you with a reservation at a restaurant of your choice in Haapsalu.Separate arrangements if you wish to stay overnight when using the conference rooms.Chairs can be rearranged and taken out of the room to suit the event, which makes it possible to organise different types of events.You can also book an overnight stay.

Haapsalu linn, Haapsalu, Posti tänav 20a