How to get here

The fastest flight connection is via Tallinn Lennart Meri airport.

There are many ways to get to Haapsalu from Tallinn. The nearest railway station for trains from Tallinn is Riisipere. You can reach Haapsalu from Riisipere by bus or by bike along a 60 km ‘health route’.

Haapsalu has very good bus connections with Tallinn. Buses go to other Estonian towns as well. In addition, there are also regional and local buses in Haapsalu.

There are two roads heading to Haapsalu from Tallinn: the Ääsmäe-Haapsalu and Keila-Haapsalu roads.
Haapsalu is a very good place to stop over before heading off to explore the islands in Western Estonia. The ports Virtsu and Rohuküla connect Lääne County to Saaremaa (Kuivastu), Hiiumaa (Heltermaa) and Vormsi (Sviby). There are several visitor harbours in the county, such as Veskiviigi, Grand Holm Marina and Westmeri in Haapsalu and Rohuküla, Sviby, Virtsu and Dirhami in other parts of the county. You can stop in these ports with your own boat or yacht.
During the winter, in the event of suitable weather conditions, ice roads are opened to connect mainland Estonia and the islands.

When travelling by bicycle in Lääne County, we recommend that you take smaller roads that are safer and offer more opportunities to see and learn about nature and the local people.

Haapsalu's distance from major cities and towns in Estonia:

Tallinn – 101 km
Pärnu – 111 km
Tartu – 258 km
Narva – 314 km

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