What to buy as a souvenir of Lääne County

One of Lääne County's symbols is the Haapsalu scarf – a lacy shawl which has been the favourite of Haapsalu craftsmen for two hundred years. Traditional shawls are square, but nowadays rectangular ones are more common. The most common lace shawl is white, but they come in many other colours. For example, internationally renowned author Sofi Oksanen is often seen wearing a purple Haapsalu scarf.

You will know if a scarf is a real Haapsalu scarf if you can pull it through a woman's ring.

If anyone wants to knit a scarf themselves, they can buy beautiful books with local patterns called Haapsalu sall and Haapsalu rätik.

Crafts are not only made in Haapsalu, but all over the county – women from Vormsi draw inspiration from the handicraft traditions of the Estonian Swedes, while women from the south of the county are inspired by local flower embroidery.

Wonderfully smelling juniper souvenirs such as butter knives, cutting boards and dishes will definitely bring the coastline of Lääne County to mind.

Other local materials such as limestone and sea mud are used to make souvenirs as well.

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