A holiday for your health in Lääne County

A holiday for your health in Lääne County

According to legend, at the beginning of the 19th century a young doctor called Carl Abraham Hunnius noticed on a visit to Haapsalu that local people were bathing in the warm sea mud to treat their rheumatism and claimed that it really helped. Curious, Hunnius asked scientists to study the composition of Haapsalu’s mud and it was found that it indeed had a therapeutic effect. This was the beginning of Haapsalu as a resort.

The first reports of mud baths in Haapsalu’s public saunas actually date back to well before Hunnius’ time. Today Haapsalu’s sea mud is one of the most thoroughly examined types of mud in Estonia. Hundreds if not thousands of visitors come here every year to treat their health at the local spas. Besides the curative sea mud, Haapsalu has always been equally appreciated for its fresh air and warm sea water.

Forests cover nearly 44-% of Lääne County, so there is an abundance of fresh air. The county’s health and hiking trails offer a range of options for outdoor activities. Great paths await you in the beautiful Paralepa park and forest close to Haapsalu and in Palivere, where a tourism and recreational sports centre is being constructed. Along the old railway line runs a 60-kilometre health track from Haapsalu to Riisipere. Walking and bike tracks are found throughout the county.

New sports facilities such as gyms, stadiums and ball game courts are being built and older ones modernised. In addition to spa resorts, Haapsalu’s Water Centre is a great place to spend time and have fun with family and friends.

The latest trend in Lääne County is yoga. Classes are offered at different levels and in a wide variety of styles. In 2012, Haapsalu’s first Yoga Festival attracted thousands of yoga lovers.

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