Opportunities in winter

Winter in Estonia lasts from late November until late March with temperatures ranging from mild plus degrees to as low as minus twenty. The daylight hours tend to be brief, which is perfect for those looking for a cosy winter romance in a lit up medieval surroundings, or yearning for a much obliged reset in a cute cottage in midst of the wintry nature. Marvel at the spectacle of frozen coastline and sea, and the country’s snow-covered forests and Matsalu national park. If the winter is sufficiently cold and the sea is frozen, you can even experience the amazing feeling of driving from the mainland to the islands across Europe’s longest ice road.

Skiing and skating are great options to spend an active day during the colder times of the winter season. Haapsalu has large green areas nearby the city centre offering stunning views of the snow-covered landscapes great for skiing or reliving your happy childhood moments on a sled. Lighted tracks are in Paralepa and in Palivere.

Skating is a fun entertainment for both the old and the young and a great way to spend some time with the entire family. The bay of Haapsalu tend to naturally freeze over during the colder times of the winter and it is possible to skate on the Haapsalu Väike Viik. There is also an ice rink at the Haapsalu Stadium.

When there is no snow and the ice is too rough for skating, the best way to move around in the winter must be by a kick sledge. During the Kick sledge trip on the bays of Haapsalu and Tahu you can glide across ice fields and admire the panorama of Haapsalu from a distance.

There are 14 different kinds of animals and birds in Ranna Ranch Christmas Land that you can pet, cherish, embrace and nurture. It is possible to ride a horse or a sleigh according to the weather.

There are museums that are open all year long, like Haapsalu Episcopal Castle, Ilons Wonderland, Haapsalu Old Town Hall and Ants Laikmaa museum. It is possible to take treatments and relax in Fra Mare Thalasso SPA and SPA Hotel Laine. Haapsalu has a modern water park with various attractions for the whole family. And do not forget to enter the cozy cafes.

There is also a significant number of music concerts during the winter season. Latest information about events from here

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