Accessible tourism

As a spa town and a city with a specialised school and care centre, Haapsalu has a long history of hosting people with disabilities. The local government and businesses are dedicated to improving accessibility in town. The Lääne County Chamber of Disabled People is a local umbrella organisation that brings together disabled peoples' groups from across the country and regularly discusses accessibility issues.

Haapsalu is a compact town, so everything visitors need is within reach. Traffic is calm and safe and road conditions are generally good. Parking is free everywhere. Some taxi and bus service also offer the possibility to book vehicles adapted for wheelchair users. Larger stores have good wheelchair access and reserved parking places for disabled drivers.

Haapsalu Neurological Rehabilitation Centre is a hospital located in peaceful and scenic surroundings that focuses on providing rehabilitation services for children and adults with neurological disorders. The main goal is to provide high-quality, evidence-based, client-centred and comprehensive services.

Photo: Kalju Juurik

Sightseeing tips:

Visit the historic Episcopal castle with its distinctive Domed Church or take children to Ilon's Wonderland, a themed centre inspired by the illustrator of Swedish writer Astrid Lindgren's books. A stroll along the seafront promenade with it's beautiful assembly hall is also highly recommended. 

More information about accesible tourism in Haapsalu, see video here.

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