Lihula is famous for Matsalu National Park and for the Kasari River – Estonia’s fourth longest and fourth most voluminous – which flows across very level land and through watery meadows. The landscape protection zone around Tuhu bog is an ideal place to go hiking, while the beautiful coastal and inland meadows and pastures in the area attract a dizzying array of birdlife. Here you’ll find almost all of the orchids that grow in the wild in Estonia.

People have been living in Lihula for 5000 years. The town itself recently celebrated its 800th anniversary. Rising above the surrounding flatlands are the ruins of Lihula hill fort and the bishop’s castle built in 1224.

Lihula is well-known for its flower embroidery, which has adorned all manner of things – from the bright red skirts of the local women to sleigh blankets.

In autumn the town hosts the Matsalu Film Festival, which brings together nature film and photography lovers, film-makers and professional photographers from all over the world.

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